“I Need Your Advice”

friends sunset2

I need your advice she says
I’m listening
you need me to hear you
so I’m here for you
just as I have always have
so sorry for your sadness
It hurts to see you cry
my advice is simple
obvious to most
after all, you asked me for it
You’re listening
I need you to hear me
because it hurts to see you cry
it’s all up to you now
if you choose to take my advice
obvious to most
but not to you
of course, you don’t
you usually never do
until the next time
I’ll be here for you
just as I always have
because it hurts to see you cry

What do you see in me?

spilled water blue

What do you see inside the water spill on the ground in front of you?

What face do you see among the white billowy clouds in the sky?

What is the eroded and etched out bark of a tree saying to you?

What message is spelled out in the cracks of the sidewalk you just stepped over?

When looking into the sky, do you see it as partly cloudy or partly sunny?

When peering down into the water at a nearby lake, do you see the murky water or your reflection peering back at you?

What do you see in me?    

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

laughter is the best medicine

I just laughed
and it felt good
not remembering the last time
I thought I forgot how
For most people
it’s spontaneous and natural
For me
it’s effort
I want to find the humor in things
the humor in life
the humor in me
After all,
laughter is the best medicine

Dosage: 1 to 10 times per day
Precaution: If you miss a dose you must double up the next day
Side Effects: NONE
Refills: Unlimited
Benefits: Countless.  Among the many medical and psychological effects, laughing decreases stress an anxiety, teaches you how to have fun and have a more positive outlook on your daily life

Make a promise to yourself to laugh at least once everyday
Force yourself even if you don’t feel like it (an adult laughs an average of 10 times per day). Most people don’t even think about laughing or take notice they are even doing it. For others, life is taken way too seriously where humor or laughter is just not in them. For those suffering with depression and can barely get themselves out of bed, humor and laughter may be the last thing on their mind.

Here are some suggestions you can do by yourself. If you can learn to laugh at yourself, you are making a step in the right direction.
For these first few suggestions you will need a mirror. Don’t worry if others think you are behaving crazy. They will probably be happy you are laughing and join in with you:

1. Make funny faces in the mirror
2. Google some jokes and practice telling them as if you were a comedian. Once you have had enough practice, try them on your friends and family
3. Pretend you have just accepted an Academy Award and make up an acceptance speech
4. Try to do an impression of your favorite actor or musician.
5. Create some crazy hairdo’s using rubber bands, pins, clips, scrunchies, spritz, mousse or whatever you can find. Guys, you can try this too or experiment styles by parting your hair in different places
6. Blast your favorite song and dance around the house. Turn on some classical music and dance as if you are performing in a ballet
7. Try on some outfits, backwards or inside out. If you want to involve others in your household, do this and see how long it takes for them to notice.

These are just a few examples you can try. Don’t worry about being judged or appearing silly or immature. There is no rule book stating silliness or having fun has to stop at a certain age.

If you can learn to laugh with yourself or even at yourself, you will find the people in your world will join in and laugh with you.


The Photograph

Black and white couple2

neither forgotten or blocked
faded or blurred
hidden or locked away
erased or distant
the memories don’t exist
hidden away
between the pages of a book
flimsy and yellowed with age
perhaps never meant to be found
there was a photograph
the two of them
posing sweetly together
glaring lovingly at one another
a captured moment
of the two as one
a memory that never was
never seen with my own eyes
except within the black and white
of the photograph



now in his old age
he tells stories from the past
his revelations
awaken forgotten memories
memories dead and buried deep
coming alive again
as if it were yesterday
secrets revealed
once kept private
then too painful for my young ears
fearing the answers
yet inquiring more
not wanting to know
but needing to
puzzles slowly piecing themselves together
hazy details
falling into place
while distressing and painful
my revelation becomes clear
he needed to tell
much more than I needed to hear

The Ends of the Earth

ends of the earth

Have you ever had someone who would go to the ends of the earth for you?
I have. I call him my Dad.


Good Touch ISN’T Bad

sad boy

without a hug
a smile
or even a word
she nudged him outside
the door closing loudly behind him
clutching his backpack and the sack lunch he packed for himself
he begins the ten block journey to school
as he rounded the hallway
he sees her in her usual spot
same place as every other day before that
down on one knee she greets the children as they file in the classroom
it’s always a cheerful “good morning” and a big bear hug
sometimes so tight he could barely catch his breathe
it was comforting to him and made him feel warm inside
just a few weeks earlier at the start of the school year
he would cringe and shrug and pull away
it wasn’t something he was accustomed to
later that day he found himself day dreaming
his thoughts miles away instead of on the class assignment in front him
suddenly he felt a light tap on his hand
she did this from time to time in order to draw his attention back to his schoolwork
a short time later while making her rounds again in the classroom
she leaned over to him placing her right hand firmly on his shoulder
telling him “great work, keep it up”
it made him feel smart and proud when she would say those words
it wasn’t something he had been accustomed to
the next morning he rounded the hallway towards his classroom
looking forward to hearing her cheerful voice
needing that big bear hug
but there she stood
standing tall and towering over him
he reached his arms out to her
she looked sad
in a soft crackling voice
she explained, I’m sorry, so sorry
the school has a new policy
it’s a “no touch policy” and we must follow the rules
this means I can no longer give you a hug every morning
I cannot touch you at all

later in the day he would daydream again
his thoughts miles away
this time he wondered, what will he have to look forward to every morning?
would there ever be anything to look forward to when he returned home?

Smile Lines


a face
creased with lines
inevitable over time
deep across the forehead
between the brows
formed from frowns
many of them
evidence of life
a story
all too telling
of life and circumstance
a face
creased with lines
inevitable over time
prominently around the mouth
obvious in the corners of the eyes
formed from smiles
it doesn’t hurt to smile
especially if it’s been a while
a face
creased with lines
inevitable over time
better from smiles
than from frowns

Bottled Up

bottled up

bottled up
still she smiles
everything’s all right
as it always is
faced with tragedy
her emotions
hidden and locked away
bottled up
still she smiles
the words she chooses not to hear
a fuel and feeding for denial
her unspoken words
concealing anything exists
internalizing what is meant to express
doing more harm than good
It’s all she knows
because everything’s all right
bottled up
still she smiles

It’s Not Writer’s Block, Its….

brain scan

Well, I really don’t know what it is.  I don’t even know if it has a name.  Whatever its called, I have it.

I work full-time and due to staffing issues I am working a tremendous number of hours.  I am the Manager so I cannot just clock out at 5:00 and go home. By the time arrive home, prepare dinner, clean up, do some chores then hit the computer I am absolutely brain dead.

All I can think about is work and the next day ahead.  I think about how much work needs done and how I am going to accomplish it.

I resent the fact that I have not been able to sit down on my computer and create something.  I have not been able to fulfill my own commitment of at least one post per day.  I resent the fact I do not have even one second throughout the day to think about anything except work.

It appears I cannot seem to make room in my brain for any creativity.  I cannot clear my head enough of the distractions of thinking about work to either draw inspiration from within or take inspiration in.

I have gone from racing to my notebook to write down inspirations and ideas for my next post to grabbing my notebook to make a “to do” list for work the next day.

My latest posts have taken everything I had within to write. I don’t want to write just to write.  It needs to be natural, meaningful, effortless and inspirational. It used to be so easy.  I truly miss that.

So now here is the big question:  How does one push aside all the negative garbage in your head enough to make room to create or be creative?  This is my ailmant. Does anyone have the anecdote?

I’m open to suggestions.  Thanks for reading.



the pain
running deep beneath the surface
a permanent ink making it’s mark forever
a variety of carefully chosen pigments
decorate what was once a sacred place
a blank canvas transforms into a masterpiece
an original like no other
a work of art
shaded to perfection
in the likeness of how you once showed yourself
a tattoo
for you just as much as it is for me
discreetly placed
a remembrance of you
for my eyes only
a permanent ink making a mark forever
no regrets
in time….
the colors may fade
but the memories will never go away

Missing doing what I love

  It seems like there’s not enough hours in the day lately. I miss writing every day. I hope this doesn’t last too long. 



fading into the room

I left for a while

because you don’t see me

I left for a while

because you don’t hear me

but I must have returned too soon

you hadn’t noticed I was gone

your eyes glued to your shatterproof screen

instead of looking into mine

your hands clenched around your wireless device

instead of holding mine

fading into the room

I left

when you notice I have gone

then you will know

I have faded….




as a thousand thoughts

consume me

burdens and worries

weighing heavy on my mind

falling from the sky

a feather catches my eye

it floats down towards me

swaying softly and gently from side to side

before landing at my feet

I pick it up

holding it in the palm of my hand

this beautiful feather

fluffy and milky white

rests weightless and still

a calmness overcomes me

a feeling of peace and tranquility

I had never felt before

and then….

the warm gentle breezes

sweep it up from my hand

sending it back on its way

disappearing into the sky

just as mysteriously as it came

taking with it…

 the thousand thoughts

the heaviness I felt before


 Feathers may be the ultimate angelic sign. Although feathers come in all different sizes and colors, they’re amazing signs because they’re directly connected with the thought, prayer, or question that you had in mind. Rarely will you find one left by the angels without knowing what it means. Either you’ll come across it while thinking about something or you’ll immediately sense the association upon finding it. The angels will bring you feathers and other signs in a way tailor-made to your own level of faith.